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Rev. Maria Arvaniditis


Maria Arvanitidis

An active warrior from inner conflict of dissonance in the outer expression of her world, Reverend Maria Arvanitidis is a Student/Master Spirit/Soul awakening from having to resist. Clearing toxicity and healing the heart, she continues on her journey to master the art of inner peace and being present.

From a Greek Orthodox background, she studied Wicca in the later part of 1980's to 1990's. From Wicca, she started working in the Mortuary profession, and, in 2005, picked up the study of nirvana in Vajrayana Buddhism—also known as the "Diamond" or "Thunderbolt Vehicle."

Her interest in the Tibetan way and Wicca blended very well with Muslim teachings, as well as her study of Hinduism—where she received 100% on her research paper on "Multiculturalism in the Community."

Having to interview, as well as research for her thesis and her first year at Humber College/North Queen Campus, she studied in the health sciences department for her Funeral Services Diploma, in 2006. She then obtained her license with the OBOFS and BAO, and, in 2019, she continues to be in good standing within Ontario as a Class-1 director. The study of Funeral Services also got her interested in the Egyptian teachings.

In 2013, she joined a non-denominational, Humanity Healing, New age Group on social media to make friends.

In 2014, she became a Funeral Celebrant, and then in 2015 a family Celebrant, when she received her diploma from the UKSoC. She was then asked by the CEO to extend the favour of his teachings, by incorporating the CSOC. At present, she is expressing herself with a Humanity Healing membership, as a Metaphysical denomination of Spirituality, and has split away from the civil celebrant identity under the UKSoC participation.  

As the founder for her Society and business of Peerless Moments, she has branched out independently to find her own path. Working alongside the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry, as a Reverend and Author, publisher and artist, she contributes to this her ministry's book.

Available online with all book retailers. Just google it to make your purchase. Customer reviews are always welcomed (most appreciated).

The Sovereign Light: A Course In Metaphysical Spirituality

Books written by Rev. Maria Arvaniditis
A collage of images describing ceremonies offered
Rev. Maria Arvaniditis with 2 of her books
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