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Membership Qualification

Prerequisites to membership with CIMM


Graduation from one of our approved Metaphysical

Theological Educational Institutions


A desire to set up a Metaphysical Center

in your own Community


A willingness to learn the proper operation of a Center in compliance with provincial & regional laws


Agree to conduct your Ministry in compliance with CIMM & the Marriage Act of the Province


A desire to be Ordained as a Metaphysical Minister 

If you are a qualified Minister,

you may apply to become a member of CIMM.

As a Member of CIMM

You Will Receive

Recognition of registration with a National Canadian Organization

Member ID / Certificates of Membership & Ordination

Support in establishing your own Metaphysical Center

Access to additional training and education to further your Metaphysical studies

Connection with like-minded and knowledgeable Metaphysical graduates

Members have the option to become registered

to perform Weddings and other services

in the Provinces of

British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, & Quebec

(inquire re other provinces ... see below *)

Registered members may solemnize marriages

in all four provinces. **

Anyone living anywhere in the world,

who meets our educational qualifications,

may inquire about membership and the possibility of 

performing a wedding under temporary permit. *** 

To qualify to become a member of CIMM you must be a graduate of one of our approved organizations.

If you have been notified by your educational institution, that they are approved by CIMM,

and you believe you qualify,

please contact us to obtain a membership application package and instructions.

If you are presently enrolled in a Metaphysical Educational Institution, you maycontact usto confirm if they are approved by CIMM.

If you wish to become a Minister, and are looking for a CIMM approved organization to receive your education, pleasecontact usfor a complete list and recommendations.

If you operate a Theological Educational Institution that incorporates Metaphysical Studies,

and you would like us to consider your organization for qualification, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We would be happy to review your

educational materials.

* CIMM is currently registered in the Provinces of

B.C.; Alberta; Ontario; & Quebec. 

Any ministers wishing to be registered in other Provinces/Territories, please contact us. We are more than happy to work with you to obtain the necessary qualification with Vital Statistics in your Province, to be registered through CIMM.

**Members may perform weddings in the province they are registered, plus the other three provinces where CIMM is approved, with a temporary permit.

*** A temporary permit to perform a wedding in one of these four provinces may be available to qualified foreign applicants upon request; permanent registration requires residence in the province in question.

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