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About Us

Spiritual Philosophy

CIMM is a Spiritual Organization dedicated to the promotion of Metaphysical New-Thought Philosophy

We Accentuate the Divine Positive Aspects of Life

To enhance the manifestation of good health, abundance, love, peace, and happiness

The Recognition, Relation, Assimilation, and Application of Our Oneness With Source – God Within, generates the manifestations in one’s belief

Source’s Input, and Our Output of

Success, Prosperity, and Love for Self and All. 

CIMM's Purpose

To assist graduates from Theological Educational Institutions, most specifically of a Metaphysical nature, as well as other qualified Metaphysical Ministers in Canada, by providing them with information necessary to set up Spiritual Centers in their own communities.

To provide assistance with administrative functioning.

There are responsibilities that Ministers must be aware of to be compliant under the Marriage Act, and able to perform ceremonies & services legally in each jurisdiction. 

To provide guidance with applications to

Provincial and Federal Governments

To provide training and course material to help

further the study of our philosophy   

Members have the option to apply for registration

to perform marriages in Canada

(British Columbia; Alberta; Ontario & Quebec At This Time)

Our Founder

Dr. John Bright, PhD

Doctor of Metaphysical Science

University of Metaphysics


Religious Science International College (RSI)

6 year Minister Program

Executive Director

2006 - 2017

Advisor at Large

2017 to date

See details below

CIMM registers qualified Metaphysical Ministers in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec and we are working to include all other Provinces. To find out if you qualify check the

"Home Page."

To contact us please use the "Contact Us" page. 

History of CIMM

The Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth

was founded, in 1999,

by Dr. John Bright, after he graduated from

Religious Science International College

after six years of study.

Dr. John then enrolled with

the University of Metaphysics and graduated with a Master's

degree at the U of M Convention, in June 2000.

Dr. John then completed his Doctorate degree, in 2001, and

formally graduated at the 2002 convention.

After several years operating the

Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth,

Dr. John discovered there was need for a

Canadian Metaphysical New-Thought Organization

to assist graduates who wanted to establish their own

Spiritual Centres.

To be noted here,

The Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth

changed the Name to

Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry, in 2005.

There has been a gratifying response for membership.

To view Members' Pictures and Profiles, go to the

Members' link at the top left of this website.  

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