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Rev. Greg Bright, Executive Director

Rev. Gregory J. Bright

Executive Director Canada/BC/Quebec

Rev. Greg Bright, BMSc from the University of Metaphysics, has been a member of the CIMM Board of Directors, since 2013. He initially served as Secretary, in 2014, and became President, in 2016. Rev. Greg was appointed Executive Director of CIMM, as of the 2017 AGM, and is dedicated to continuing the amazing work begun by Dr. John.

Rev. Cheryl Bright, Managing Director

Rev. Cheryl Bright

Managing Director Canada/BC/Quebec

Rev. Cheryl Bright, BMSc from the University of Metaphysics, has been a member of the CIMM Board of Directors, since 2014. She initially served as Secretary, in 2016, and became President, in 2019 and served until late 2021. Rev. Cheryl was appointed Managing Director of CIMM in Spring of 2019  

Dr. John Bright, Founder

Dr. John Bright

Founder & Adviser


Dr. John Bright founded the Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth, in August 1999, after Graduating from the R.S.I. Ministerial College after six years of training.

He continued his education at the University of Metaphysics and in January 2000 obtained his Ordained Metaphysical Ministers Certificate.

 June 2000 he obtained his Masters Degree.

He continued his studies and graduated with a Doctorate Degree, in June 2002. He also received degrees in Spiritual Psychology and Life Coaching in 2003. He wrote the words and music to the song "Welcome to our Centre," and the song "The Oneness of Spirit."

In 2005, Dr. John Founded Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry. Through Dr. John's efforts, CIMM is recognized as a Religious Body in 4 provinces and can register our Minister Members in those provinces - B.C.; Alberta; Ontario and Quebec.

Dr. Debra Ford, Alberta Governing Official

Dr, Debra Ford

CIMM Governing Official for Alberta 

Dr. Debra Ford is the creator of SolePath, an original body of work that identifies individual metaphysical identity, as unique as a fingerprint. Dr. Debra has a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science from the University of Sedona and is an ordained minister with CIMM

SolePath is your sub-conscious self and the reason you behave the way you do.

Rev. Diane Pearson, Ontario Governing Official

Rev. Diane Pearson

CIMM Governing Official for Ontario

Rev. Diane Pearson is an ordained minister with CIMM and owner of The Rising Sun Sanctuary.

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